How do I set up my WDL as a Network?

Recently got a WD Live TV box and I want to set it up for the family to use. I have all of our movies in digital formats on some WD hard drives and would like to make the WDL a central hub for everyone in the household to connect to. I know it seems the WDL is meant to share this content with a TV via HDMI, which I will plug into our main computer but is there a way I can set it up so that my family can access the content from their computers using our home network.

Basically i want to be able to access the movies and content from the box and addtl hard drives on any computer in the house and on our main TV, making the box more or less a networked hard drive. Is this possible? I am a little confused when it comes to setting this all up and I just want to know if anyone has done this before and how I would go about setting this WDL box up to be a main source for all of our household computers to access and view content. 

Any ideas?


Yes.  You can plug the WDTV into the network, and plug the drives in the WDTV.

Enable SHARING in the Options menu.

The WDTV will then appear as a network device on your computer, and other machines can access the folders and files.

Just beware that the performance of the WDTV for file sharing is fairly limited.   Depending on what people are watching, it may not be able to serve more than one stream at the same time.

Mike, I am not sure about other models; with my WD TV Live+, my Laptop and my PC (both running XP) can access files on the WDTV’s USB drive without any fussing.

You can do this even without a network.  Just use a “cross-over” cable and set your IP manually.  Interestingly side note, WiFi seem to do DHCP only.  I cannot find a way to set IP manually.

WD TV talks to the drive using USB.  Using that as a file server too slow for my taste.  You would have a hard time playing one DVD ISO locally and serving another DVD ISO to a networked machine.   I prefer to leave my files on my PC.


Enable the SHARING in the Options menu of of the computers I am wanting to watch the content on or the Options/Settings of the WDTV itself? If the WDTV itself, how do u get to the settings?

In the WDTV.    It’s in the SETTINGS menu.

How do you access the SETTINGS menu of the WDTV. Do i need to hardwire into the box itself via USB ? Can I access it from the network if I have it plugged in?

When you turn it on, SETTINGS (or is it OPTIONS?  I can’t remember) is like two clicks up on the remote.

It’s all explained in the manual, by the way…