How to i connect wirelessly to my wdtv live and usb hard drive?

I bought a usb wireless adapter for my wdtv live so i can connect from laptop to my usb hard drive attached to my wdtv live.  can anybody let me know how to do that?  i want to be able to transfer files onto the hard drive without having to manually connect the usb drive to my laptop. 

I do the same thing.  PC hardwired to my router, 2 WDTV Lives connected to the router, one Hardwired, one Wireless.  

I setup the router as a DHCP server (that’s normal) and then gave fixed  IP address (IP address reservations) for each of the devices based on their MAC address (that’s really easy on most routers) .

Then I was able to see the file shares on the WDTV Live boxes (worked 1st time) just by looking at the WDTV device based on it’s IP address, using Windows Explorer (not IE) eg put this in the address bar \   sort of like  \    and presto up pops the file share of the USB drive on the WDTV Live (after a while, sometimes Windows/WDTV Live takes a while to establish the file share link) .  Make sure your PC’s firewall is setup right  :slight_smile:

Copy files back and forward, works just fine.   I ended up going out and buying a really good router with extended wireless range/performance, and a great wireless dongle for the WDTV.   Pity about the slow old 10/100 network speed, would have preferred gigabit ethernet for the wired ones, oh well just sit back with a cup of cocoa and watch the xfers happen.