Connecting WDTV to computer

My WD TV Live Hub arrived today, and when I was going to connect it to my network with a USB wireless adapter it turned out it wasn’t compatible with the Hub. Connecting to my router with a cable is not an option as it’s too far from where my TV is. So my last resort is running an ethernet cable from the WD TV to my computer (Windows XP) and move my movies/music/photos that way. But I can’t for the life of me get the two to connect.

Would anyone be so kind as to help me with this?

Run WD Discovery tool ( wd discovery tool ) on your computer. Before connecting to ethernet. Connection should be Computer <-> Router <-> wd live hub. 

“No Network Devices were discovered - please be sure your device is powered on and properly connected to the Local Area Network.”   :frowning:

You need to power on your Hub. The connection should be " Computer" should connected to one of ehernet ports on the Router and then Live hub should be power on and connected to one of the ethernet port on the router. Then use WD discover tool.

It was powered on. I’m not that daft :smileyvery-happy:

As stated in my first post, connecting the WD TV to my router is not an option as it’s too far away for stretching a cable, and my USB wireless adapter is not compatible with the Hub. Hence I’m trying to connect my WD TV and my computer with a cable just between them.

You need to set a STATIC IP address on the WDTV Live Hub.    Do not use a GATEWAY address, do not use a DNS address.   They won’t work for you anyway.

Your PC also needs to have a STATIC IP address on the Ethernet port that is in the same subnet as the one you picked for the WDTV Live Hub.

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My computer already has a static IP that I set up for other purposes earlier, but I’m not 100% sure how to do this on the WD TV.

Would you mind explaining it? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. Thank you so much for helping me! :smiley:

So’s it all working now?   If so, please mark the appropriate post as the SOLUTION.

Yes, it’s working exactly as I wanted it to!

Sorry, forgot to mark your post as the solution, did it just now. Thanks again! :slight_smile: