WDTV Live can't see the other WDTV Live with USB Hard Drive on same network

I have three WDTV Live units (each with a different name) connected to a same network.  One has a USB hard drive (with movies) connected to it.  The other two are in different rooms and they do not have any drive connect to them.  They all have the latest firmware.

I was able to connect the other two to the one with the USB drive and watched movies on them.  However, once I turn off the units and turning them back on, the network share connection is gone.  If I were to restart and redo the network share again, the units would be able to reconnect … until the units are turned off.  

This is very frustrating because the WDTV Live has so much potential.  Any solution to the network share is greatly appreciated.


Have you trying setting the devices with static Ip’s? The router might be assigning a different IP address to the units.

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I tried that already and it didn’t work.  I tried restarting the units, resetting them, recycle the router, etc. but it’s futile. 

I would have to go to the “Media Library Manager for Network Share” share and click on the refresh (circle arrow) everytime and hoped that the network share folder gets connected, and it works about 20% of the time.  I don’t want to have to do that everytime.  At other time I was prompted to enter username and password even though I never set one up.  I tried using “anonymous” for username and left the password blank and it would tell me that it’s incorrect…and sometime if I tried that several times it eventually let me in…very weird.

I am having the same exact problem.

2 devices, 1 with usb disk. The one without the usb disk can never find my other one but yet on my pc I can see both !!!

WD PLEASE FIX this asap



What firmware are you running on the devices? Can you please provide the model on the units.

WDBHG70000NBK is the model for both and both are at the 2.01.86 Firmware.