WD TV HD stops during playback

Hey guys

I have this major problem, which has been irritating me for months. When I started using the WD TV HD, there wasn’t any problems like this, and it is in the past months the problem has started occurring.

When I play files on my WD, no matter if it’s Mkv, avi. or whatever, they stop during playback. It can be at 1. min in, 5. min. in , 20 min. in or basically anything. The player turns to black and the stop sign(square), comes onto the screen, just as if someone had pushed stop on the remote.

When I start the file again, there isn’t a “start where you were” button, it just starts from the beginning. So often I have to forward to the place I where, and hope it doesn’t stop again. Most often I does so stop, and again the time period in which I can see the movie is indefinable.

I can’t find anyone who has this problem? I have been searching a lot on the internet, but I haven’t found anything like this occurring on WD TV HD.

Can anyone help. Anyone who has experienced the same thing?? I’m pretty desperate right now.

Purchased 3 (WDBAAL0000NBK-NESN) as Xmas presents for family. Depending on the video each are stopping at points in certain videos.

Love to hear others thoughts on this. These boxes have been out long enough to have a resolution to this by now. Im thinking some sort of video scanner prior to uploading to hard drive.