Video exits playing

I am having an issue with my player. While im watching any video in any format the video will just stop playing and exit to the menu. This is extremely annoying. I have the latest firmware update but the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

I got the same problem and was hoping the lastest firmware will fix the problem but it didn’t.

I cannot play the folder movie which has many .VOB and suppose to play continuously (one after another) without a glitch, but it stops and exits out to the folder list.  It is really annoying and I have to click on playback button on the next file.  Let me know if you found the fix. Thanks.

I have the same problem, any solution? its extremely annoying. Please i need a fast answer. Besides in my product manual says there is a option to put the video files in a random or shuffle mode, but in my device theres only normal, repeat and repeat all options. Any solution for that issue?

I have logged a request for support on this issue with Western Digital, I will post their reply when I hear back.

Thank you for doing that.

I sent them e-mail but still haven’t heard anything back yet.  Probably, they don’t know how to fix it.  It looks like when you rolled back the older version, you see more problems and must upgrade to the latest one (that means no return when upgrade)

No answer??

Sorry for slow reply. They told me to check the media formats were compatible. Well they are. I have told them this and I am waiting for a reply.

same problem here, experienced it a lot when watching XviD movies

I reported this yesterday to WDC support and today i got a response. They say that the external HD i use is unsupported and gave a link to the supported drive page. Only I use a Seagate Free Agent GO and it is supported in their compatability list.

I’ve replied again today and the ticket’s status is now “escalated”…

Will keep you posted.

I am having the same issue.  Has this been resolved with anyone yet?


I got a reply from WD. They said to reset the box. (Little button on the side). And they told me if that didnt work to return it to the retailer or setup a return with them. I did as they told me and reset it but  the problem still exsits. I am going to return it tomorrow. Oh well.