Videos no longer play with 1.01.24

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me. Basically since upgrading to the latest firmware my videos won’t play. I never had any problems playing AVI and MKV files before but now I get an error message telling me that these files are unsupported!

I have sent an e-mail detailing the  problem to WD but have yet to recieve any responce.

Anyone else having similar problems to me?

Im having a similar problem since the update. For me it seems to be with HD WMV files and when i try to watch them it will just take forever and not actually do anything.

I assume that you have tried to overcome the problem by resetting the box via the side button and recycling the power by unplugging the mains adaptor, waiting for a while and then re-plugging. This has helped other people with problems and can be a fast and easy solution