Western Media player Issues

Hi, I got some weird issues with my WD mediaplayer (not the live one). Sometimes i have that the timeline bar of a movie is not doing anyhing, no time displayed, no movement and i cant either resume movies. Also when i FF a movie the audio/video is outsync, which is very annoying. and when i go back when that happens and i start F.E. a big MKV movie, it just shows the loading animation, nothing helps then anymore. When I plug out the power cable and it gets rebooted everything is fine… But after a few weeks/month idk exact the problems start again. I have the 1.03 firmware from 2009 and my movies are played at a green caviar wd 1,5 tb harddisk. I tried google but my searchtags like ‘wd media player no time display’ and other searches failed. Any1 knows what I can do?

My bad, i see now this area is only for LIVE, can it be moved to the right section please?

Mr_videolover wrote:
… Any1 knows what I can do?

Remove the compression in the headers of the .mkv files.

Thx, I will try that when i get home I found something with Mkvmerge, ill let it know when it works