WD TV Media Player - playback stop and go back to Home Screen


I have 2 boxes, the first is the WD TV with HDD inside which I owned for more than 3 years now, and I recently bought a WD TV media player without HDD inside.

While playing videos, the player will stop and go back to home screen. It happens for some videos. Those videos are MP4 or MKV. If I turn off the player and turn on again (using remote control, with power plugged in), the problem will fix itself.

Previously, I thought the old set was giving this problem because it was more than 3 years old. But my new set (which I bought 1 month ago) was also giving me this problem.

Is this firmware issue? How to resolve?

All my files are on NAS and stream through LAN.



What firmware version are you using?

Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle?

Version 1.02.17

I did power cycle but it keeps
Coming back. Sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t.

This didn’t happen before on my first box. But the problem came about 2 to 3 months ago I thought it was hardware problem so I got a second box. But the 2nd also have this problem.