WD-TV HD not detecting firmware 1.03 update

Hello, I believe this is my first post here so please bare with me as I attempt to explain my issue.

I have had a WD-TV HD media player for some time now but for some reason, I cannot update its firmware from 1.01.77 to the latest (1.03) and wondering what could be causing it?

This is both the player I have and the update I am trying to install:


Note that “Firmware update” is not shown when I plugh in the USB drive the update is on…

Can I get some help please?

Probably because you have a gen 2. 1.01.77 is the latest for the gen 2. 1.03 is the latest for the gen 1.

That explains a lot but the thing is identical to the one in the picture in the link I provided??

P/N is: WDBABG0000NBK-00

My device has exactly the same P/N as the one listed for the one in the URL above in my first post.

You overlooked the top of that page that says, clearly:

This update is for WD TV HD Media Player (model:WDAVN00).

Click here to go to the WD TV HD Media Player (Generation 2, model:WDBABF0000NBK) update page.

Time for WD to release a new upate then…


Dohlman wrote:

Time for WD to release a new upate then…

That product is almost four years old.   Ain’t gonna happen.  

That doesent make sense.

I would expect updates regardless of how old the device is.

A good example is that one of my PC’s is almost 12 years old, yet the manufacturer is still releasing bios and software updates…

This ain’t a PC.   This is a $39 media player.

@ Dohlman

Really, the guys are right; “ain’t gonna happen”.  A four year old $39 gadget is lucky to have any firmware updates; especially after this amount of time.  A firmware upgrade probably won’t help it much anyway, as it was pretty limited in what it could do at the time.  If you really like having your WD player, you will like the newest generation even more.  Accept that your gadget is overdue for an upgrade, and just do it! 

Another thought:  You might want to upgrade the 12 year old PC at the time you get a new WD player, or the new player might not even work with the PC.  You are back in the “dark ages” of computing with that old PC.  Yea, sure keep it, but also get a modern one.  Or, just be happy with your old PC and old media player, and forget I said anything.