Firmware upgrade

Hi guys,

I’ve got a WD HDTV Gen 2 i think. (not really sure)

I want to upgrade the firmware but can’t see the upgrade Icon.

I went to settings and the icon is not there.

what am I looking for, any help please.


Start by providing the PART# that’s printed on the label on the player.  That’ll tell us exactly what device you have.

Also, tell us what the CURRENT firmware you’re running is.

Thanks for replying.

The part No is WDBABG0000NBK-01.   Very hard to read with these old eyes.

Firmware is


That’s the newest firmware available for the WDTV HD Gen2.  There’s nothing for you to update.

Thanks for that but still, what about the icon?

My Australian supplier says WD aren’t manufacturing the box anymore, is this true?


The option in the menu to “upgrade firmware” only shows up when there’s a newer version of firmware stored in the root of an attached USB device.  Since you have the latest firmware, you’re never going to get the “update firmware” to show up.

And BestBuy has stopped listing the WDTV HD (Gen2) for some time now.  I’ve not seen anything official from WD, but the logical guess is that the device is no longer in production.  It hasn’t been moved to the “Legacy” section of WD’s website yet, but it’s no longer in the “Media Player” section either.

Another poster said that WD’s tech support had said in an email that there will me no future firmware upgrades for the Gen2, but again I haven’t seen WD officially saying that… yet.


Thank you for helping me out.



My Product ID is WDAVP00BP. It’s a WD Mini. This was purchased in mid-2009. The current firmware was released in March 2010 (dated 22/Feb/2010). The firmware does not show up even thought I suspect that the firmware is not the current release. Can anyone help?

Go ahead and tell us the version that IS running on your Mini.

Hi, I have firmware version 1.00.01 on my WD TV HD Media Player (model WD00AVP, Order # WDAVP00BE). I have had the device for over 1.5 years but got around to connecting it just today. Decided to upgrade firmware since any video (wmv, avi etc) would play just once and the player would flag every format as not playable thereafter). So downloaded firmware version 1.02.21 (bin, ff & ver) files onto the root directory of a WD My Passport drive and connected it to the WD TV HD Media Player. However, the firmware does not get updated automatically and I do not see any option to update firmware from the Home -> Settings -> System menu. When I click on the icon of the device, I see Language, Media Library, Screensaver Delay, Browser Display, System Reset & About as options. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

That isn’t the correct firmware for your device.  That’s why it is not recognized.

Here’s what you want:

Thanks! I too realized that it was the wrong version. I downloaded 1.03.01 and presto! The Settings -> System menu

showed the file folder containing those files (ver & bin) and asked me if I wanted to upgrade the firmware. After the

upgrade got installed, everything is working perfectly. Thanks for the prompt reply!