Firmware update

Hi everybody. Just downloaded the firmware update to 1.03 (Mine is 1.01) and according to the instructions shoul look for the icon of firmware update on the settings menu. I can’t find it, any idea to help? Thanks in advance, best regards, Rafael.

1.03? Where did you find it?

On WD site latest version for Live is 1.02.21!

However, you should unzip all files on root folder on attached hdd and WD Live should see the new version. A reboot may help :slight_smile:

You need to post questions relating to the older WD TV models in the correct forum:

Just so it’s clear,  the 1.03 update is not for the Live.

is clear but I have the media player hdtv wd second generation and the official website that this update is set for this device, here is link   figure is available version 1.03

I have to upgrade to this version to stay up to date and updated the device?