Firmware update

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the latest firmware for my legacy WD TV live media player WDBAAP0000NBK-EESN?

Thanks in advance


The Latest firmware is 8 Years Old … but here’s how to get it.

On the link below click … “WD TV Live Media Player”

Then on the next page below… click Downloads

Then on the page below click “Current Firmware”

Then click Download

Here’s the direct link if you have any trouble

Thank you so much

So, from there, how do you get it to the media player?

USB Flashdrive


Downloaded the latest firmware onto a USB flash drive but the player has no option to upload it. This is a Gen 1 player and lacks an online user manual. Gen 2 online manual refers to using the options button on the remote. That does nothing. Suggestions?

The WD TV Gen 1 was released in 2008 … This is the Model with No Networking Features … No WiFi and No Ethernet Port.

is this the player you own ?


The “Latest” firmware would be over 10 years old at this point … i think it was 1.03.01 ?

At this time, if you’re having troubles with the device, trying to update the firmware at this point would highly unlikely solve anything … sorry to say

Hate to harp on this subject, I have the gen 2, dl’d firmware>extracted 4 required files> put them on top level of thumb drive> plugged it in> it checks for content> then nothing. I have went to system page and tried to update there, and nothing shows in the alert section (directions says it should show there). any help is appreciated.

ensure it’s a small USB Thumbdrive 2GB or 4GB

and also make sure it’s formatted FAT32 Filesystem and using a MBR Partition Table

I’m pretty sure GPT GUID Partition Table won’t work.

Also, try both front and rear USB Ports on the WDTV

Double check you downloaded the correct firmware for your device.

Last thing to check … compare the firmware version of your WDTV (Setup > About) with the Firmware version on the USB Thumbdrive … open the *.ver file (using Windows Notepad) and make sure the Firmware version number is HIGHER than the current firmware on the WDTV.