WD TV and Logitech Media Server

I just downloaded and installed Logitech Media Server on my PC, but my WD TV Media Player, which is connected to my TV in another room, does not see LMS as a content source option.  It sees my Plex Server fine.

I thought I’d try out LMS because it seemed to be able to create playlists for music files, as PLEX cannot do (as far as I can tell).  I’ve checked my computer’s firewall, and LMS is open there.

Does WD TV not work with LMS?  Or am I not doing something right?  This could be something VERY simple.  I have very little sense of what I’m doing.  Any help would be appreciated!

PS:  I have to say, also, that the Sony Bravia smart TV, and Roku Media Player, on Roku, do not see the LMS either.  I feel like there’s something very basic I’m not doing here.  Help!

Hi Rod69, since the LMS is not working with the other devices, I recommend you to go to the LMS forums for assistance.