Why can't I access Logitech Media Server on my WD My Cloud?

Hi there,

I have a 3TB WD My Cloud, which I want to use to run Logitech Media Server for my Squeezebox Touch. I’m not running it via a laptop - I want to run it directly from the drive.

Using Putty, I have changed Twonky to port 8000 and I have downloaded and installed LMS. From what I’ve read, it should be operating on port 9000, but when I enter the IP address followed by 9000 in my web browser, it is not found. I can access Twonky okay using the same method, but not LMS.

When I put the IP address for the My Cloud into my Squeezebox Touch, it doesn’t see it either, so does this mean it’s not running properly?

How can I tell if LMS is actually running and which port it is running on? Is there something I’m missing here? Any help would be appreciated.

the command

netstat -a | grep ESTABLISHED

when run on the My Cloud shell will indicate the running processes and the ports on which they’re listening.

Thanks Tony. I’ll take a look later.

Hello, I a have a new WD my cloud 3TB like you. Can you explain to me in detail how to install LMS on nas? I m a novice. Tanks a lot