Logitech Media Server & My Cloud 2tb software

Hello from new poster.

I’d appreciate if someone in the know can confirm whether the lastest My Cloud 2tb (in particular this model WDBCTL0020HWT-AESN) supports Logitech Media Server (LMS) as a straight forward app installation using the built in WD software, as shown here on the WD website for similar models.

I see there is some community discussion on LMS installation but it seems a bit dated and talks of Twonky, etc. I was hoping the latest software was an improvement.

I’d also appreciate comments on stability of LMS running from the My Cloud.

Thanks Adam

A big, fat NO.

You cannot install apps on the basic, single drive MyCloud. The page you linked to is for the higher spec EX4 model.

HOWEVER, even the basic MyCloud includes the Twonky DLNA media server, which can be made to work reasonably well. It does not support transcoding, since the CPU is not powerful enough.

I don’t know anything about LMS, so I can’t say how Twonky compares. After a quick look through those install notes, I might suggest that there are hundreds of internet radio apps, if that’s what you’re after. It may help if you say what features of LMS you want.

Thanks. Exactly the info I was looking for before buying. I’m after full LMS functionality to use with a Squeezebox emulator.

Well, after doing a bit of digging (I’m a ■■■■■■ for media streamers…), I see that LMS is open source, implemented in Perl.

So that ‘big, fat no’ only applies to the simple, install a ready-made app using a nice app installer built in to the Dashboard.

If you’re prepared to get your hands dirty in the nonstandard Debian Wheezy Linux build environment of the MyCloud, you might be able to get it running.

Or find someone who has already done it, or may be able to do it. There are a few users here who have worked Linux magic to build apps to run on the MyCloud. They have to be built specially, as the page size is different from that used by standard Debian package repositories. For instance:

Or search for threads starting with ‘[APP]’ on this forum.

ps. There are threads here discussing installing LMS on MyBook Live and MyCloud. My advice is to be very wary of threads predating V4 firmware MyClouds (when the nonstandard page size was introduced). Following these old instructions could brick your device. e.g.

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It’s possible but not as easy as using deb install. LMS requires several Perl modules to be built (I believe source from CPAN). I think you’ll also need to replace several static binaries (the encoder, faad, flac etc.) with a custom 64K built ones.