Where's my music, Where's my Videos?

Got a WD TV Media Player on the weekend and tried to set it up today.

Plugged in all going and working on the TV and logged into the network.

Go into the video folder and only has about 20% of my videos in each directory that is shared and these are the MP4 videos.

Now I know there has been issues with .avi yet all my other files are MKV which is stated as compatible and furthermore, if I put a USB key in with these files on they are played perfectly!

Go into the Music Folder and there is none!

Thousands of tracks, hundreds of Albums but not a single one visible!

Yet all the album art and videos associated with the albums are visible in the repsective folders.

Somethings not right here, this product seems a lemon which is a shame after owning a number of WD products over the years.

So are you connecting to your server via Network Shares, My Media Library, or Media Server? 

Don’t be so quick to accuse your new player of being a lemon – entirely possible you are not doing something correctly.  You really haven’t given us much to go on except complaints.  For example. are you getting any messages from player that something is amiss; e.g. “no media in folder”?  Tony’s questions are important so please answer.

I have repeatedly gone through each of the options (ie. Media Server, Network Share etc.) and in the movies section I get all 4 options but in network shares only get the root directories with the “no Media in folder” error when trying to access a folder. On the Netwrok Server I get various folders (in the folders options) I have shared but no .avi files are recognised (they are in fact .mkv files if I view the programme extensions), yet if I plug in a USB stick with these same files that are not found on the server they are found on the stick and played perfectly.

In the Movies option from teh home screen, I can see all my music directories that are shared (artist names and albums) if they have video clips in them that are recognised so the server is finding the directories.

When I switch through to the Music option in the home page and search through Media Server it states “There is no media available for playback” despite the fact I have 19,951 music files on the directory.

When I select Network Share it goes through Users and has the default and public directories neither of which identify any playable media.

In addition, the miracast function will not pair with my Samsung Galaxy S4 despite meeting the stated criteria.

I have a brand new BT Home Hub 5 running fibre optic and a direct wired connection from this router to the PC and the WD TV.

Forgive my ranting, I am normally pretty good at ironing out teething difficulties with new additions but this is incredibly frustrating as next to nothing stated on the tin is actually working…

Dear  BaffledAgain  ,

I have the same phenomena and WD never ever replied me.

This is a real problem and as I saw WD doesn’t have a real solution for it, there was only patch to recover your files but there is no fixed solution.



If you guys do not have the complete user guide, it can be downloaded from WD support for your particular unit.

If after checking the manual and trying to get things going but still without success, I really would give the WD customer support line a phone call.  Phones are the best way to get immediate help from WD, in my opinion.

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OK, so I downloaded the manual and went through it and followed links to their knowledge base and burried within it was the fact that WD TV Media PLayer is not compatible with Homegroups on Windows 7 - pretty fundamental piece of information not included in box…

As it is, turning off the Homegroup (ie. leave Homegroup) and then mapping the network via the WD Discovery tool has found all files.

I need to work out how to set up my shared folders to automatically share new files within the directory as it appears they are only shared if you reshare the whole folders.

I also still can’t get the Screen Mirror aspect working.

So - to all those still having issues with WD TV and identifying and playing files and don’t want to go through the process of recreating .avi files again then this is the solution for Windows 7 users:

  1. disable Homegroup in the network

  2. manually select each folder to be shared

  3. share folders with read/write access

  4. access folders through Netwrok Share

this is common sense

Windows Homegroups are … Windows Only

it’s MS proprietary … that was designed to work only within the Windows Ecosystem

to my knowledge there are no devices that work with Windows Homegroups

except of coarse devices running windows

Even workgroups are a M$ thing that noone else used and that has little bearing on networking. Besides, I haven’t had to delete my homegroup to connect to my Win 7/8 PCs.


So, you read the manual, and you learned some things, and now you are griping because the info wasn’t in the box?  I’ll bet somewhere there were instructions with the unit to go download the complete manual.  Duh, hardly anyone puts complete manual in products anymore.  They say it is to save trees, nah; it is to save money.

Your thread is a good example of why people need to learn to find and read manuals.  Too many people continue to shoot now and ask questions later.