WD Sync - viewing files through WD Sync without downloading to drive

Hi there, I recently bought a WD Mycloud EX4100. I am currently trying to set up WD Sync. My understanding of the software is that you pick a local folder that you want to sync and then pick the a folder on the Mycloud device. So your data is held on an external hard drive/local drive and is synced through the NAS.

Let’s say my synced folder has 2tb worth of data on it. If I want to add a computer to sync with, lets say a laptop with 1tb of free space on it how am I supposed to use this synced folder on a laptop if there isn’t enough space. Doesn’t this defeat the whole purpose of “the cloud” if I have to store the data on all of my devices!?

Files in the cloud are supposed to be on one device and then the rest of your devices can see that. Why does WD Sync want to store all of the data in “the cloud” locally on my device??

Is there a way to view the data with out it being on my device? I know there is the mycloud app which works that way(viewing files on the NAS) but what about through windows explorer?


I am looking for features that OneDrive and Dropbox have, the online-only and selective sync options. So you can view files that aren’t actually downloaded on the device. Is anything like this possible with My Cloud?

Hi, in order for you to view files that are not downloaded in the computer using WD Sync, you will need to remotely access the WD My Cloud, by going into www.mycloud.com

Unfortunately that still does not work for Video files when using the file explorer on a laptop. When you click on a Video file it will automatically start downloading still.