WD Sync vs WD App?

I have a My Cloud NAS. Works great.
I am looking for a way to sync the content of My Cloud with my laptop. So basically a MyCloud client (if such things exist). Ideally, I would have the same setup I take out of OneDrive client.

My attempts:

  1. Download a WD app from the Windows 10 store. I am unable to connect to the My Cloud as it does not find it. Even if I am connected to the same network as the NAS. OK. perhaps that’s not the right software for My Cloud.
  2. I found a WD Sync, which seems to install a client. But it does not allow me to sync with a specific folder in my NAS. Instead, I understand it creates a folder on the root of my user folder named “WD Sync”. After I try to use the WDSync and configure settings, I always get a WD unable to communicate with the server. I reinstalled the app. I am happy that I am doing something wrong. just dont know what.

If you want to sync the contents FROM the My Cloud TO your laptop you might be better off using a third party sync program. WD Sync is what it is and some have problems using that software with the My Cloud as evidenced by the many discussions about that software in this subforum.

Assuming you do not need to sync from/to a remote My Cloud, Free File Sync (https://freefilesync.org/) is one such free program that will let you sync the contents of Share you select on the My Cloud to your local computer. For example I use Free File Sync to sync/copy files from the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to my computer. The main limitation of Free File Sync and other third party sync/backup programs is their inability to sync to a remote My Cloud securely without some modification of the My Cloud firmware.