My Cloud Mirror "File Syncing"?

I can’t seem to find the answer to this question of mine in the advertisment.

Will the My Cloud Mirror products offer “Cloud File Sync” like “Box” does?

So if I change a file on my computer, it will sync with the Cloud, and update everyone’s file that has access to My Cloud?

Future My Cloud Mirror owner.

Tom Kares

You can automatically backup your PC files locally on the My Cloud Mirror, but it will not sync the files with any other PC that is also backing up the files on the My Cloud.

is file sync (like Dropbox or Onedrive) comming! Would be great!



I had hoped that WD Cloud Mirror would sync like DropBox does so that we could replace DropBox with WD Cloud Mirror.

Very dissappointed that it does not provide this service. We need to be able to sync what is on the cloud drive to local hdd’s on our laptops so that if we have to work on a laptop that does not have an internet connection at some point in time, we at least have copies locally of the files since the last time we were connected to the internet.

Will WD ever add this feature?

instal bittorent sync onto your nas.

its a bit of a chalange involving ssh and setting up a script to make it auto start on reboot but well worth it. i have been using it got ages on my pcs and phones. it will sync folders between 2 or more pcs. it doesnt matter where they are located they will by synced when they can see each other both with in a lan and over internet. i havent used it out side my network much but it works on th etorrenting protocol. its also good if you have more than one nas. i keep all the main folders on my pcs sync. i download a file on my desktop and th edownloads folder syncs with in a short amount of time and it will pop up seemingly instantly on my laptop. its excelent cos if my laptop gets destroid the filles are all cuttent or as close to current with my other pc or my nas as well. its all decentralised. 

I don’t know how sparkyblaster installed bittorrent sync onto the Mirror. I seriously doubt he has done this on the My Cloud Mirror. It’s not as simple to install things on the My Cloud Mirror/EX2/EX4. He’s probably confusing his setup on My Cloud with that on the Mirror, without realizing the codebase and OS on Mirror/EX2/EX4 are very different. Unless he made changes to the firmware code and loaded the custom firmware, he wouldn’t be able to change the startup script of the Mirror.

Here is your best bet ,download Google drive or Dropbox.  Have your important documents added to either of those.  When you need to access those files when away you can access them on those platforms and make whatever changes you need to do.  When you get back home your Google drive or drop box will checks for changes and sync back to your PC hard drive changing the file onyour PC.  The WD my cloud will see there was a file updated and will back ti up.  Hope this helps