Newbie Question - How does WD cloud mirror work exactly? +other q's

I am new here and tried searching for the answer, but could not find a detailed one. Hope you guys can help:

Backstory: I am big on backups (in a newbie kind of way), I usually do them manually on external HDD and I keep copy and pasting my files. Not efficient I know. So I want to invest in a cloud based (not online like Dropbox, but a WD cloud mirror). I have two laptops. My main for fun and entertainment and side projects (1) and my business laptop (2). I want them both to have a backup on WD cloud mirror.

My understanding: From reading what the product is about I understood that I can have alll my files on my laptop as usualy, but connect the WD cloud mirror to my laptop so that it makes a backup of everything, and I can time it so that it does regular backups (in the background) while I work. So I can be on my business laptop at work and access my files on my home laptop.


1.If my understanding is incorrect how does it work?

  1. If I access a file (found on my home laptop) from my business laptop and edit the file, does this files then get updated on my home laptop or is it only updated on the backup?

  2. Are the files stored on the laptops and whenever I am connected to it, it saves a copy to WD wirelessly?
    -if this is the case, how often does it back up?
    -also can I have it in a way that I can access laptop 2 on laptop 1 through MD?
    -Or are the files stored in WD and i just have access to them when i am online?

  3. Is there a way I can sync it between laptops for example my home laptop has two files (WORK and PLAY), I only use and edit the PLAY folder. My business laptop has the same 2 folders but I usually use the WORK folder. Anyway I can sync it so whenever I open both files on any of the laptops they are the same exact files updated?

Thanks in advance :grinning:. I hope the WD cloud mirror is what I am looking for,

Depends on the companion utility used with your unit.

WD SmartWare will only update an individual computer within your WD My Cloud Mirror, while WD Sync will ensure all files are the same across all sources. Backups are handled automatically at set intervals of your preference (The application allows you to select) while on your local network.

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