Remote Offline Sync with My Cloud Mirror


I might have been asking the same question as someone else, but I’m having an issue finding this one online. I have an issue that I will need the ability of accessing (creating an offline copy) of the files from My Cloud Mirror onto remote computers distanced miles away.
It there any way this can be done?
I actually need similar thing that dropbox does having the files stored locally on my PC as well as cloud.

Thank you.

Hi, I wanted to do the same thing. I don’t use dropbox, I have been using SugarSync and there I’m used to having a local copy of some of my data which is kept in sync with the SugarSync cloud storage in real-time. I could make do with less frequent synchronisation but it has to be efficient in terms of data transfer.

WD has a product called WD Sync which was supposed to do just that - but when I tested it I found it of no use - it did not detect renaming and moving of files or folders. So if I moved or renamed a folder containing 2 GB of files WD Sync would just delete the ones on the target and begin copying the ones with the new location or name to the target. A total waste of time and bandwidth.

I found a useful sync program called FreeFileSync which could detect renaming and moving of files and folders. (It doesn’t handle folders as well as I’d like because it actually moves all the underlying files one at a time - but you can’t have everything I guess).

When my PC is on the same network as my MyCloudMirrors I can simply map the shares in windows so they appear as local discs and run FreeFileSync as often as I like.

The next problem was how to do this remotely.

The WD Cloud PC program is useful but doesn’t give you any mapped drives which can be accessed by other sync programs.

The solution I found was to use VPN.
I was lucky because the router I’m using on the MyClouldMirror network has built in support for VPN - it’s a free variant called OpenVPN.

For the PC there is a corresponding program called (you guessed) OpenVPN.

So I configured OpenVPN on the router, and (because the router gets dynamic IP addresses from the provider) I enabled Ddns on the router to have a fixed hostname so I can always reach it remotely. (That could take some more explaining if you haven’t done it before)
It also pays to configure the MyCloudMirror network with an obscure range of IP addresse (eg, use 10.0.x.x instead of the common 192.168.x.x) so it doesn’t clash with the network when you join them up.

Then from a remote network I run OpenVPN on the PC giving it the hostname of the router, log in, and when it’s all connected up my PC is effectively on the same network as the MyCloudMirrors (connected by VPN).

From there it is simply a case of mapping the shares as drives and running the FreeFileSync program now and again. Obviously it runs a bit slower over the remote link depending on the connection speeds.

With a few simple batch files it’s been possible to automate a lot of the VPN startup and drive mapping to save time and effort.

The extra benefit of the VPN arrangement is that you can get direct access to all shares on the MyCloudMirror, even if they are not synced locally.

Just ask if anything is unclear.

Which OS are you using?

Windows (at least W7) has the ability built-in to keep a local version of files on networked drives (right click on the file and select “Always Available Offline”). You’ll probably need to set the MCM shares up as mapped network drives when you’re locally online on the network with it, and then when offline you should be able to navigate via the same drive letter to the offline version of the files in question.

When you go back onto the network it should resync the files with the MCM version.

May be something to try out before investing in other solutions as it’s already built in (if you’re using Windows anyway).

Or are the remote computers basically static on a different location/network? In which case in addition to VPN’s mentioned above you could also look at remote WebDAV access into the MCM and just use the copies stored there.

Hi DarrneHill
I’m using win7 but the problem is that computers are always located on another location and I need to have them sync through internet connection with the MCM located miles away from their location and network. Thus the option of getting it sinced once inside of a local network is not doable since the computer/s will never be in the local network with the MCM

Can you give me more input on how to do it with webDAV?

Thank you.

Rgds, Perisa

Have a look at this thread for a bit more details on WebDAV (just to save me writing it twice :slight_smile: ). That was for the EX2, but it’s much the same as the MCM.

WebDAV is basically an extension of the html protocol, designed for file sharing.