Keeping My Cloud Files ONLY on the network WD

Hello everyone!

I have a WD My Cloud 3TB drive connected to my router. I have WD Sync installed on windows and access it via What I want to do is just keep the files on the WD drive - not any local drives on my computer. What is the best setup for this? I may want to select what I want synced, but for the most part - just keep it in the WD drive.

I appreciate the help ahead of time!

If you want to just keep the files on the My Cloud then do not use WD Sync. It is designed to synchronize files between the computer and the My Cloud. If you want to sync a certain folder, you can do that rather than the default settings for everything in My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos. Sync will always copy files to the local computer. If you delete them from the computer, they will be deleted from the My Cloud as well. Remote Access would be your ideal setup. You can access the files that are centralized on the My Cloud from any computer without having them on the computer you are accessing them from.

Just save your files over the network , you can mount the various shares as drive letters if you wish and use those on your PC , don’t use the synch app , it’s designed to backup files between your PC and the MyCloud so the contents of the folders / shares match each other, so that will always keep a copy on your PC.

IF you are going to only keep files on the MyCloud , I suggest you also buy and attach a same size USB external drive enclosure to the MyCloud and make sure you do USB backups on a regular basis , keeping items just on a NAS is ok…but once it goes wrong , you’ve lost everything.