WD Sync "unable to connect to the remote server"

Windows 8.1
Current WD Sync download
MyCloud drive is recognized by the WD Sync configuration program, but when I select Next to continue, I receive the error message: unable to connect to the remote server. I am able to connect to the MyCloud device via the Dashboard and QuickView. Any suggestions?

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Hello, are you able to access the drive remotely? Also, try checking if ports 80 and 443 are open on your network.

When I first open the WDMyCloud on my Android tablet, I receive an error: “Unable to connect to the network (904),” but after pressing Ok on that popup message I am able to successfully access the MyCloud drive from my tablet. Still not able to connect from my desktop computer.

I am facing the similar issue, I also tried configuring the network to static and then DHCP but no luck. If your problem is resolved, then please provide your resolution steps.

Additionally, I can connect using web browser, but want to connect using “WD Sync”

Thanking you in advance


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Dear all, I ave a problem related to yours please can you suggest a solution?

We just started using my cloud EX2100 in our office. We can successfully connect to it and synchronize files between our computers and my cloud device while at work (and in same network with the device).

We can open, edit, save files on a folder located in the cloud device and it synchronizes with other computers.

Nevertheless we have staff who work from different locations outside office. How can I set up the device so they can also synchronize remotely between their computers and the cloud device?

We all share one folder in the device where we save our work progress and we need to synchronize with this folder from everywhere.

You may want to search through or post your question, if you haven’t done so already, to the dedicated EX2 subforum as this subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud devices.


That said, the WD Sync software will sync to a remote My Cloud IF one configures the WD Sync software to do so and the remote My Cloud is configured for Remote Access. Rather than select a My Cloud on the local network, choose the option to log into the MyCloud.com site using your MyCloud.com login information. From there the WD Sync program will poll your MyCloud.com account for My Cloud devices and give you the option to select a remote device to use as a sync location. See the following WD Support document for more information on how to configure WD Sync for use over the internet.