How to set up remote Access trough WD Sync


I had asked the same question at different topic but till now i can’t get access to my cloud remotely.

I use My Cloud EX2 and router Asus RT-AC3200 and can’t set up synchronization remotely.

if i use laptop, the laptop can synchronize only from local network.
if i try to set up from internet (For example office) WD Sync can’t see device.

I followed by instruction
No result.

Screens with settings:
My Cloud EX2 Settings:

Router was set up like in article “Accessing My Cloud Dashboard from a Remote Location”

My Cloud EX2 is available from internet http://IP:9091

But No storage.

What else do i have to do to set up WD Sync remotely?

Hi sisco,

You can follow below article to configure WD Sync on remote network.