WD Sync cannot connect to remote server. Mycloud

Have just set up a mycloud drive and it seems to be working fine, I can connect with all my devices.
I want to sync all my music from my pc to my mycloud drive so that if I add music to my collection it will automatically be copied to mycloud.

I have installed WdSync and it sees my mycloud drive, it lets me sign in to my account but then I get the message " cannot connect to remote server" have tried disabling anti virus but this doesn’t help. Also tried on a laptop with the same results. Both machines running Windows 10.

Any pointers would be much appreciated

Some have reported fixing certain WD Sync issues by uninstalling the software then reinstalling it.

Can you access your My Cloud drive remotely by accessing the MyCloud.com web portal?

Also note that others in other threads started in the last couple of days are reporting various problems with remote access, most seem to be centered around the MyCloud.com web portal. If your having trouble with remote access its possible its related to the same problems others are having.

Thanks Bennor, have tried re installing WD Sync but still have the same problem. I don’t have any problem connecting via web portal or mobile apps.

Hi David, did you managed to fix this issue? I have the exact same problem as you. Thank you!

I gave up with WD Sync, installed Microsoft synctoy for free and it works great.

Actually, about one hour after I asked here I read somewhere that some people got it working by the age old “have you tried turning it off and on again?”. Sounds silly, but yeah… I uninstalled it, rebooted the drive from the web admin, reinstalled the WD Sync, and it worked. Maybe this will help someone.