Wdsync unable to connect to the remote server

I’m able to see the MyCloud device in the File Explorer but when I try to configure the WD Sync I can select the MyCloud device, but as soon as I hit the “Next” button, I receive the message “unable to connect to the remote server”. I have Win10 laptop 64-bits.

I am having the exact same problem.

I was on with WD Tech support for 2 hours yesterday and an hour today. They thought the problem was with the ports and my router. They checked using the Port Checker software and said my router port 443 was not open. They told me to call my ISP.

I called the ISP, who said the port was open and then said that I should call the manufacturer of the router/modem. They tried to call them but “couldn’t connect”. So when I asked for the phone number, they said that they couldn’t give that info out and that I should Google it. I wouldn’t let the tech off the phone while I googled it, and there was no number for Technicolor Modems in the US. Their instructions were to call your ISP. Round and Round we go.

Still can’t run Sync and I am my wits end. I am a nurse, not a computer tech and this is driving me nuts. I will NEVER buy another WD device as long as I live. I have had nothing but problems with keeping it connected to my computer, it is slow as molasses at getting to my files.

I don’t know what to do any more.

Jennbo I feel your pain.

I’ve got the same issue, “unable to connect to remote server”.

Set my network to private, assigned static IP to MyCloud, enabled a bunch of IP settings suggested in other forums but nothing has worked.

Anyone from WD out there than can give any advice?