WD Sync unable to connect to remote server

Hi, I’m new here, but have managed to set up My Cloud to some extent, allowing Backups with SmartWare and also copying files to the shares. However, I was trying to setup WD Sync and when I try to select the device to sync to, despite it showing that I’m signed into MyCloud, I get a message saying “unable to connect to the remote server” and then no other option but to click OK and … nothing!

I’m using Windows 7 on an Acer laptop and I can see the MyCloud and shares in MyComputer, and I can also access the Cloud dashboard, so this is really frustrating. Obviously all my connections are OK - I’ve even restarted everything just to check (standard operating procedure!)

Can anyone shed any light on it please? Thanks in advance

Hi, you will need to check if ports 80 and 443 are open in your browser and also making sure that there is no firewall in your route blocking it.

Thanks for your reply lluna. I have Norton which obviously has a firewall enabled, why would I want to disable that? And would I be doing it temporarily (happier to consider) or is it something that would need to be kept open for WD Sync to work all the time?
Also, how and where do I check that those ports are open? I’m not really technical, I just followed the instructions to download the appropriate software and set up some users. Thanks for any further help

OK I’m getting this error also. WD Sync is “seeing” My Cloud which is running v4.04.03-115 firmware.
Both ports 80 and 443 are shown as open. I also have volumes mapped to “My Cloud”, and yet I get this error.

Running Win 10 64bit.

Any ideas ?

How do you restart WD sync on a mac? Its stalled with just “open my local My Cloud folder” and “share with My Cloud” in the WD menu bar. Its not in the Force Quit list of programs running. The only way it restarts is when I reboot. Can anyone help?