WD Sync is stuck on pending

I have set up WD sync and its taken a day or 2 and been chugging through syncing (documents, music , pictures etc). Now suddenly it has come to halt and says 8,109 pending.

I have checked and it is missing alot of files, but has just stopped and wont continue. I have tryied pausing and resuming, tried closing wd sync and opening, tried restarting the NAS box and tried rebooting the computer… nothing changinsg, it loads up and is still stuck with the pending message and doesnt move.

How to fix?


Can you please try reinstalling the application from the WD support site.

See if the following link helps.

I tried unistalling and reinstalling the wd sync software. this then makes it work again for a short time… then it gets stuck on a random file and stuck on pending again!.. ive tried the reinstall about 10 times and over 3 weeks still havent even synced all my documents. This software is complete ■■■■ and totally buggy. Waste of time. any better fix?