Issues with my cloud and wd sync

am a tech numpty so need some help!!

my wd cloud has been running for months with apparently no issues. have set up wd sync using the standard suggestions to sync (using a mac, so dicvs, pictures, music etc etc) all seemed to be working well BUT recently, have added some pics and these don’t seem to be syncing? initially i had them in a subfolder and although they synced first time, when i went back in to add more pictures, they didn’t sync

i then set up new folders with these pictures directly under pictures folder but they haven’t yet synced - not sure if this is due to a time lag as only set them up yesterday, but remember things syncing quicker before

any thoughts what could have gone wrong or what i can do?


getting more interesting now!!!

as a test, i copied a picture from picture into DOCUMENTS folder. this synced immediately. did the same test putting a new picture into pics folder (no sub folder) and this isn’t syncing?

seems only documents folder is syncing. no idea why as this worked until march?

tried uninstalling and reinstalling - doesn’t make a difference. when i look into shortcuts on finder i can see all the pictures and subfolders that should be syncing, but wd sync doesn’t seem to go further than documents. tried to ONLY sync pictures folder and for some reason NOTHING happened?

why did this suddenly change and what can i do?


Try removing the Pictures folder from the WD Sync settings, then add it again and choose the same destination folder.

Tried that during deinstall and reinstall

Only syncs things in documents folder?

If you don’t need remote syncing then consider dumping the WD Sync software and go with third party sync software. Free File Sync ( is one such free sync program that some of us here use. WD Sync seems to have a number of problems and issues.

i don’t need it, just want something that is easy to set up and works! it was working great and just don’t understand why it has stopped! is this program easy to use for those not so savvy?