WD Surveillance is not working

Hi All,

I recently purchased WD10PURX in Amazon but it is not working. When I checked with local distributor , he says the product is a defective one and needs to be replaced. Can someone guide me how to get it replaced as I do not find any option anywhere. Thanks in advance.

If you bought it from Amazon, can’t Amazon replace it?

Also, I would strongly recommend you remove that photo as it displays the serial number which no one here needs to know.

No…Its been a month since I bought that from amazon and for some reason I couldn’t check the quality immediately after I purchased.

Is there any other way to get it replaced? Please help.

Click on Warranty & Returns at the top of the page.

I tried visiting all the pages listed here. But I am not able to identify what option I need to choose to proceed further. I don’t see suitable option to choose from the drop down in the attached page

Why would “Other WD Products” not be the right answer?

No luck. It says invalid serial number for the number that I entered. I input the S/N which has been mentioned in the product.

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