Watch out purchasing WD drives on Amazon

Watch out purchasing WD drives off of Amazon. Last week I bought WD60EZRZ western digital 6TB drive new off of Amazon (see below link). I decided to check the warrenty and verify that it is a new drive, and when I looked up the warrenty on WD website it returns the below values. I tried to email WD support (my support > ask a question) about this drive but the SN is showing invalid and doesn’t allow me to submit the form. In my case Amazon shows “This item isn’t eligible for return”, so you might get stuck with your purchase. The drive I purchased looks like a possible refurb or it might have been taken from a My Book and resold as new. If anyone has any advice about my purchase I am all ears?

Serial Number = WX21D2753ENR
Status = Invalid Serial Number
Model Number = WDBBGB0060HBK Walmart
Description = My Book
Expiration Date = -

Who was the seller? - was it Amazon themselves or an Amazon Marketplace seller?

Contact Amazon by PHONE.

It was a marketplace seller.

I have same experience… i am assembling my pc. i ordered a 1tb blue hdd. my last item received from amazon and i tried to assembled my hdd isn’t detecting. i tried it with other systems its not even detecting in BIOS. other hdd are connecting my new system but this one is not.
When i contacted amazon they say my return policy is closed. i stuck with that dead hdd.
i contacted WD Service…its in processing. dont know what will happen…

I just purchased a 12TB Gold from Amazon and had no problems registering the drive. YMMV of course.

I haven’t ever encountered such problems with Amazon. Generally, I appreciate how fast they deliver and how many discounts I’m able to get on their website if enter discount codes with Don’t Pay Full. I purchased last week, with a 20 % discount WD Gold Enterprise-Class Internal. I paid 230 $, good deal. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t familiar with promo codes that I can use. I’m old school, actually. My wife opened my eyes this year, due to this pandemic. We were trying to save money on everything.

So far I have not had problems but I do not generally buy hard disks from Amazon. I let google search for best prices.