8TB Gold Datacenter Drive - No Warranty

I’m trying to find out why WD is selling these drives advertised with a 5yr warranty yet it’s really only a 3 month.

Check for yourself:


I opened a support case with WD and it gets immediately closed with no response or resolution.

Did you call support to ask why?

The warranty on Western Digital hard drive(s) start from their manufacture date by default and/or the date of purchase with valid proof of purchase. You just need to contact the WD Support so they can update your warranty with a Valid Proof of purchase from an authorized reseller.

Did that. They say it was a warranty drive even though it was sold by Amazon.com as new. I also see this happening to several other users also.

It was sold BY Amazon.com, or an Amazon.com Marketplace seller? Gotta be careful there…

By Amazon. I’m well aware of the difference. We have about 400 orders per year with Amazon and 3rd party sellers on Amazon.

Based on what I’ve been able to dig up I’m guessing there are some serial numbers that were actually new but accidentally marked as refurbed or warranty replacements. End result - customer gets screwed out of an expensive warranty.


Support emailed you on 04/21/17 and never received a reply.
We have passed this again to support. Someone will contact you soon.

Are you sure they weren’t advertising recertified drives? Three month warranty is all we give for recertified drives. Can you post a link to the Amazon page advertising the drive?

So WD thinks it’s OK to send a recertified replacement for a returned brand new drive with a 3 month warranty instead of the original drive warranty of 3/5 years?

Your recertified drives don’t last more than a year, just well enough over your 3 month excuse of a policy.

The drive returned after a legitimate RMA has the remainder of the warranty of the original drive.

WD doesn’t sell re-certified drives as new. in this case it was amazon who did it.

amazon return and exchange department is run by very poorly trained and underpaid regular joes. someone probably returned a refurbished drive they got on ebay to amazon after buying a new one, thereby getting a new drive for the price of a refurb. amazon then resold that returned hard drive. something like this happened to me several times on my amazon business account. one time i bought a workstation graphic card but got an empty box. and another time i bought an open box QNAP NAS, but the unit they sent me was missing the motherboard.