Manufacture date, 18 TB gold HDD on Amazon or WD


Just purchased WD 18 tb gold HDD on Amazon, and the manufacture date was june 5, 2021. should i return it and buy from wd to get a more recent manufacture date?

What is your 18 tb gold hdd manufacture date? please tell me it’s important to me. mine is june 5, 2021.

This 18 TB drive is going to be in a fancy OWC Drive dock mounted vertically open air.

All my cigarette smoke is off to the right side of my big desk. The drive dock will be all the way up to the left side of my desk,

will some dust and smoke hurt the circuitboard of the exposed drive.?

Do you think I’ll be OK?

But please tell me the manufacture date of your WD 18 TB Gold HDD’s… And please tell me if you bought it on Amazon or at Western digital

Do you think if I return this Western Digital 18 TB gold to Amazon and buy one from directly from Western Digital? Do you think I’ll have a newer manufacture date?

Thank you

Hi @FriendlyBeg,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I only buy directly from WD. Then I KNOW the warranty is good.

Too bad the warranty service is not that good :neutral_face:

Yeah it sure has gotten bad in the past couple years. I may be replacing some NAS drives soon and I might just have to use the S brand.

Update 5/15/2023 WD continues to be amazingly bad. The support website is back up, and I attempted to sign up for a return (under the 30 day return policy). The website informed me that my product is beyond the 30 day window for free returns. This is true, but only because the WD support website was down for a month. I went to plan B - process an RMA. Registered the drive, filled out RMA forms, including authorizing a charge to my credit card to cover return shipping. Looked good until the very last SUBMIT, when I got a response “Error processing ROM - stat code 355”. And now the WD RMA process will no longer accept my drive serial number. TOTAL FAIL three ways for Western Digital.

I can confirm you that the manufacture data of the WD 18 Tb Gold HDD can vary depending on factors such as production schedules and inventory levels. It is not unusual for a recently purchased drive to have a manufacture date that is a few months old. It doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with the drive’s quality or performance. Regards