16TB MyBook didn't work, returned, and WD did nothing

I bought an expensive 16TB MyBook hard drive on Amazon in April, which said there is a 3 year WD warranty attached.

I bought several before but this one didn’t work. Cannot be detected by the driver on my PC or Mac. So I called WD support and told them the serial number. They said I can send it to them and get a replace.

So I did. WD did not give me any updates after they received the hard drive for two weeks. After calling WD support for updates, I got an email saying my hard drive is not in warranty! And they would not even send it back to me! When I told them the serial number on phone, they said it could be replaced. Now it’s not in warranty?

Then I called amazon to step in. Amazon called WD again for me, and the WD associate said my case had been escalated and I should wait for update. Now it’s another two weeks. I still got nothing.

Sold by Amazon directly. Well, amazon should not do such things I believe.

That’s possible. Others may have bought it and Amazon does not require any inspection when it is returned. Actually I wanted to return it to Amazon at first, but it has been beyond the one-month period.

Thank you for the information. What should I do? I just called WD and they said again this case has been escalated and told me to wait for update. Now I don’t have this drive in my hand so I cannot inspect its inside. Should either Amazon or WD do compensation for my case?

I am wondering if the Amazon disks have been swapped for dead ones. I have seen a lot of stories of stuff being stolen at Amazon due to very low wages etc.