Can't register new WD drive

I just bought a 4 Tb Western Digital Elements removeable drive. When I try to register it, WD’s web site says that the serial number is invalid. When I try to send a message to WD Support, it says that the serial number is invalid. For product category, I chose “Other WD products”. The part number is WDBU6Y0040BBK-0A and the serial number is [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY]. Can someone from Western Digital tell me how to register this product? If your web site doesn’t work, I’d be happy to fill out a paper form.

You should NEVER post Serial Numbers of your Hard Drives on a Public Forum.

Serial Numbers are your Registration and Warranty.

You should persist in contacting WD Support to resolve the problem and not post your Serial Number on a Public Forum which anyone can Steal or Use (for whatever purpose).

I’ve contacted a Mod to remove it.


I own the drive. I paid for it. I have the right to post the serial number wherever I want.

I tried various ways to get support from WD, but I could not register the product or create a help ticket because WD’s system kept saying “invalid serial number.” I didn’t expect help from the forum but I was about to give up. I later found a phone number to call.

Because Western Digital thinks the serial number of my drive is invalid, what good would it do for anyone else?

Maybe Western Digital should look within before blaming the customer. Would Western Digital consider fixing its IT infrastructure so that serial numbers that Western Digital prints on the devices it manufactures don’t generate “invalid serial number” error messages?

David Levner

What was the phone number. I’m having the same problem after I purchased my WD external hard drive today. Thanks. Greg

Warranty and General Support
1 (800) 275-4932


Very much appreciated David. Have a great weekend.

Greg Laskow

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Would be interesting to know how this was solved as I now today, 30/3-2024, have exact the same problem and it is impossible to get anywhere. Do I have to call US from Europe?