WD SSD Blue 1 TB mislabeled as SanDisk G5 BICS4

I’ve just bought a brand new WD Blue SSD 3D Nand SATA 1 TB.

Unfortunately there’s an issue. Windows 10 says it is a SanDisk SSD G5 BICS4 instead of a WDS100T2B0A as expected (I also have the same drive 250 GB, recognized correctly as a WD drive).

In the WD SSD Dashboard release notes (here: https://wddashboarddownloads.wdc.com/wdDashboard/WesternDigitalSSDDashboardReleaseNotes.pdf) they say that the release of the Dashboard «Fixes internal model for a specific SSD that was mislabeled as “SanDisk” brand instead of “Western Digital”». So I’m sure they are aware of that.

Has anybody faced the same issue with this SSD drive?

And, more important, can anybody please tell me where I can download this new release that fixes the drive name? I only find at the Dasboard download page (https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=279).

Thank you!

UPDATE: now the is available for download but does not correct the label of the drive.

I have the same issue with my 500gb. Some people on other forums said that it doesn’t perform as good as a real WD SSD. Slower and warmer on normal operating temperature. This is absolutely disappointing as I felt like I’ve bought a fake product.

I executed Crystal DiskMark 7 and saw that this 1 TB SSD performes exactly the same as my WD 250 SSD 3D nand. About the temperature, the new SSD is 2 celsius degrees warmer than the other (my laptop can host 2 drives), nothing to be worried about in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ve just downloaded the new WD SSD Dashboard and, surprisingly, it didn’t change the internal name of the drive (and there’s no option/command to execute to do that), as I expected.
Have you tried that? Did it correct the label?

Actually I don’t know what to do: I bought this drive this week from Amazon at a convenient price (100 euro) and I can return it back. But, except for the label, I’m not really disappointed with the drive itself. I’m much more disappointed with the buying experience. It’s a shame that we have to scan the web and loose our time for a WD mistake. This is the most annoying and unacceptable thing.

Amazon sent me another WD SSD Blue 1 TB 3D Nand in change of the other. The first one is made in China (2020 june 4th), the second one is made in Malaysia (2020 june 24th). Even the new drive is recognized by Windows 10 and WD SSD Dashboard as SanDisk SSD G5 Bics4.

Both SSD drives have the same firmware (415000WD) and performe exactly in the same way. I tested them with Crystal DiskMark 7.0.0 x64 on the same notebook: they show identical results in read and write tests. Small differences in results are due to the margin error of the benchmark. Even the temperature is the same. So I can say that they are identical, they are the same drive. Hope this can help! Ciao.