SSD dashboard cannot recognize my WD blue 3D nand SSD

SSD dashboard 2.5.1 can not recognize my WD blue 3D nand SSD
I replaced the out-of-order product to new one in the AS center of korea last week
I can use the new product in windows10 64bit
but, SSD dashboard 2.5.1 cannot regnize my product.

so, i cannot normally use my ssd and cannot update my product
like a firmware or etc…

below is my ssd hardware ID in my PC
I expect that the ID is worng…
plz, help me

  • SSD hardware ID is like below…


펌 401000WD
WD blue 1tb m.2 ssd
S/N 191733800020

WDssdDashboard 프로그램, 정품ssd 제품 인식불가 건

사용제품 : WD blue 1tb m.2 ssd
S/N : 191733800020
대시보드프로그램 버젼 :

어제 한국AS센터에서 정품으로 무상보증 교체받은 후,
정품 재수령하여 노트북에 장착 및 OS설치하였으나,

상기 대시보드 프로그램 상에서,
장착한 m.2 ssd를 탐색/인식하지 못하여,
프로그램을 사용할 수 없음.

해결방법 안내 부탁드립니다.

Dashboard did recognize my old warranted product.
But now cannot recogzie my new warranted one.

What can I do in this situation?

help me…

I had the same problem where Acronis WD version couldn’t see my SATA connected SSD. I went into Win10 Disk Management and right clicked in the drive space on the right and created a partition that way. Then Acronis could see it. Perhaps you need to do the same thing for the Dashboard.