WD Blue 3D NAND SSD 1TB - Not showing on Dashboard, file write errors

Hello all,
I have just brought a new 1tb WD drive and have been experiencing a lot of issues with it.
model # on drive: WDS1000G2B0A
mobo: ASrock ab450 pro4

I have had file transfers fail, stating ‘the drive specified no longer exists’ and the same when trying to unpack zip files to the drive. Steam downloads have given me several ‘disk write error’.

The driver appears up to date however in Device Manager and elsewhere, the drive is named ‘SSD 1TB’ no mention of WD or model number anywhere.

I downloaded WD Dashboard program to check the firmware however it does not list the SSD. My WD HDD and Kingston SSD are listed.

In BIOS, drive is also listed as ‘SSD 1TD’

Chkdsk comes back with no errors

CrystalDisk is 100% health.

I have cleaned and reformatted the disk several times with DISKPART and other software.

I have also tried multiple SATA cables and ports.

Have I missed something or did I buy a faulty drive?


Upon further inspection, I am suspecting it is a chinese fake!
There are three conflicting model numbers. The main M/N is listed as ‘1000’ with ‘250’ listed above that, and on the packaging it is listed as ‘100’
Correct me if I’m wrong but a 1TB drive model number is 100?

I think your drive is a fake. A search for the firmware version (VE1R900F) turns up odd SSDs.

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I am also thinking fake now. It has failed the warranty check on WD website, for both my country and China - not sure how much the region matters. Either way I have messaged the seller.
I brought it off eBay, the top result when I searched for a 1TB SSD with 84 already sold!

I can see immediately that this is a counterfeit SSD
Report the vendor to eBay to get the scammers busted ASAP