Strange Model Number of Blue 500GB 2.5

I was looking at picking up a Blue 500GB 2.5 inch drive but when I went to BestBuy the model number is very different than what I see online and at the WD website. Their model number is WDBNCE5000PNC. That doesn’t appear anywhere on the WD website like WDS500G2B0A. Can anyone offer up any thoughts?

I THINK the difference is that the WDS500G2B0A is a 3D NAND drive the one at BestBuy is NOT. Which means it MIGHT be NOS (New Old Stock).

I thought the same thing. But the box clearly is labeled as 3D NAND.

I guess if you want the latest and greatest you buy it from WD’s store. I quit buying Red HDDs from other sites because they were old stock. Some as old as 2015 and no warranties! So I buy from WD’s store and get fresh stuff.