WD Smartware can see files but NOT accessible in File Explorer

I am trying to open the files and folders on WD drive through File Explorer, but I can see or access them.

  1. I am connected to the WD MyCloud via Ethernet cable
  2. The drive is not visible in File Explorer

Why am I not able to access the files and folders via File Explorer?

If using Windows 10, is SMB1.0/CIFS enabled? Microsoft may have disabled it in a recent update. With SMB1.0 disabled generally the My Cloud will not show up properly in Windows File Explorer, but one can still access it by it’s IP address. Example: \\

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10

Hi Bennor.
It seems to have worked, however I still can’t access all folders and files. The WD drive is 2 Tb of which 416 Gb are my regular folders that I am able to access. Then there is the WD SmartWare.swstor and it shows that it only takes up 46.3 Gb. total ~462 Gb. At the same time the Smartware Backup shows that only 24.2 Mb of space is available (!?)

My big Q is where are the remaining 1.5 Tb and how do I get to these files?

PS the Folders show up as Networks - not standard Explorer folders

When using a network attached storage device (NAS) like the My Cloud, the top level folders are typically called Shares. The icons in your screen capture that you see for them is how Shares on an NAS typically look.

As to files that are taking up space but are not showing up in visible Shares. First step is to ensure the account you are using as full access to all Shares in the My Cloud Dashboard. That will allow the user to access each share to see what folders/files they contain and to see how much content is in each Share. One can also use the My Cloud Dashboard to review how much content each Share contains. See the Dashboard > Shares tab.

I don’t use Smartware but check the settings of Smartware to see if there is an option to keep multiple backup histories to allow users to recover files from different backups.

If using WD Sync, be warned that WD Sync may be creating a hidden folder filled with deleted files that were previously synced. It allows a user to recover deleted synced files. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for WD Sync hidden files to find several past discussions on where to find that hidden folder on the My Cloud using SSH (or WinSCP via SSH).

I gave up trying to figure out what happened. Made a backup of PC to different cloud, and saves all other other files.
=> Did a factory reset of MyCloud which took 8 hours and 34 min!!
Trying to set up the MyCloud from scratch again did not work.

Will need to bring in for service, but I am not happy as this is second time I’m having hardware problems with this WD MyCloud :confounded: