WD Smartware backup does not start...to My Cloud

I searched a few threads, but haven’t found anything that would resolve my issue.
I have just installed a My Cloud 4TB Mirror and am attempting to set a backup for my PC.
I downloaded the Smartware software and looked at a couple tutorials on YouTube…but when I go to “Enable Backup”…absolutely nothing happens. I have left it to think about it for an hour or so…no change in “Data Backed UP”.
Started with the Category Backup…but just changed to the File Backup to see if that was an issue with indexing my filetypes.

Could there be a step I am missing with it being a network drive…it sees the drive.

Have you clicked on the Help tab and read Backup?

Here is a link for the SmartWare User Manual.

I’ve experienced all sorts of issues with Smartware. It worked for a while and then nothing unless I switched it to daily and manually activated it. Very frustrating. I stopped fighting it and switch software altogether.

All of this to say you’re not alone. Good luck.