WD ShareSpace Firmware Update - Version 2.02.93 (4/12/11)

WD is happy to announce the latest firmware update for WD ShareSpace. For information about the firmware update, please check out the release notes.

Feel free to post your experiences in this thread.


where i can download the firmware?

Since updating to the new firmware I cannot access my Active Directory. In addition I reccomend you examine your documentation and screen shots for joining a domain as the screen shots are old and not including the “net bios name” field.

I accept that our AD is not supported however the fact is it was working before and now is no longer working. Old shares can still be accessed using the credentials but we can now no longer populate the user fields with winbind. Even re-adding the box to the domain and achieving a Success notice does not fix this issue.

I accept that you you may start the winbind at a particular OU in AD so is it possible for us to edit the file in the OS to start looking from a defined OU?

We have 5 of these boxes and have be satisfied with them but  disappointed with the speed. I am hoping this upgrade improves that. Whilst I can achieve speeds on 9MBs with a windows file copy, using VMware to datastore migrate  a machine via NFS takes a long time (50GB VMDK started at 1630, finished at 1100 following day.

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated. We are running a 2008 AD but running with at a 2003 Functional Level. I saw in your release notes you have added support for 2008 which is great, but how much support?




where i can download the firmware?

i need manual update

Check the link below!


This link for My Book Live

I need for  WD ShareSpace:)

I agree with dimitryy. I found annoying that I have to put my WD ShareSpace on an unsecured connection to be able to load the new firmware when my device is protected by firewall and proxy of attach from the Web. I have company information on this device that I do not want to see leaking.

So I would appreciate from WD to either publish the new firmware for download or find a way to configure the WD ShareSpace through a proxy

Here you are:


To all enthusiasts I strongly recommend to ensure at least 50% of free space on md0 before updating the firmware. Empiricaly I managed to discover the following hints for the update version 2.02.93:

  • If the md0 has >65% space used, then you likely get the error "The firmware image is not valid. Please use a valid firmware image." after you press Upgrade button and before upgrade itself. Here I refer to http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-ShareSpace/Problem-applying-firmware-update-2-2-9/m-p/56658#M844
  • If the md0 has 55-65% space used, then you likely get no error after you press Upgrade button. However the upgrade can finish either with “Rootfs Update Failed!” error or by “SUCCESS” message followed by reboot to brick (something wrong happens with internal linux binaries).

So I encourage you to make the following before making a firmware update:

  1. Backup all configuration file you’ve ever modified and replace them with their originals. At any case original configuration files shall be backed up before making any changes.
  2. Move all personal/temporary data to the DataVolume. This may free some space at md0.
  3. Move /opt directory to somewhere on DataVolume. This may free a lot of space at md0.

As for Linux commands:

  • df — to see disk usage
  • du — to see folders’ size
  • cp -pr — copy with recursion and attribute preservation
  • mv — move files/directories

I wish you good luck while updating your system! :smiley:

P. S. Before making an update It’s always better to connect all 4 HDDs to a Linux box and dd md0 to safe place.

Thank you very much for that but can we have the full link please instead of …[deleted]

after downloaded, i can’t see the drive anymore from bonjour! help!

Same as above

My TV sees it via  TM media server  and  windows media player sees it and my PS3 sees it but not my Computer via  IP

Internal ip = say  is not viewable

but  returns the TM web interface 

so is it the default browser at just missing ??

Anyway I just need a fix as although I can access movies, music and photos via my TV other applications are inaccessible and also how am i supposed to add further files ???


Thanks crazyfox but the issue is that since the upgrade there is no file at

 and therefore WD Discovery is useless

How do I recover /reinstall this page /pages so i can access the control panel.

Twonky works on but there is nothing on port 80 where wd discovery should be ??

Hi at all!

After Firmware Update to version 2.2.93, I have trouble with my domain users.

Also I have resent my data to the domain controller with NAS Web menue “Network” - “Workgroup”.

So all Users can read their data, but are not allowed to write data to the NAS, although they are permitted with full access at NAS Web menue “Users” - “Folder Share Permissions”.

Has anyone the same problems? Who can help?

My Domain is a Windows Domain. Domaincontroller is Windows 2003 Enterprise 32bit.

The Problem still exists after the firmware update to v 2.2.93 :cry:

Thanks and Greetings


Corporate network with proxy here - can I have a link to download the update manually ?

Please ? In PM ?

You should try contacting tech support about this.  They should be able to help you.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

…can anyone explain WHY the firmware is not available for download and manual update. Like so many here, our NAS (albeit broken - “DataVolume does not exist!”) lives behind a corporate firewall.

I have complained about this to support in the past and got nowhere - a download location would be very much appreciated.

WD - please explain your rationale.


Hi Bill,

I contacted the technical support and the only thing they do is to point me to this address :  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2744#

They also tell me to check in the download section of support.wdc.com

Now we all know that the link to download the update is not available anywhere on your website. This is a waste of time for everybody.

Please provide a direct download link.


I will look into this and escalate.