Sharespace Network speed

Hi All

Hi , after firmware upgrade to 2.3.01 i’ve messed up 2 My Wd

Now from 10Mb/sec file copy has gone to the incredible speed of 700kb!

I read in other posts that a possible trick is to downgrade firmware to wda4nc40000-02.01.92.img

An that there is a trick

“You can access the Device via SSh, there you can change the /etc the file Version, just modify 2.2.90 to 2.0.90. (Using VI) after that you can Update the Firmware to the version 2.1.92.”

But the following link does not work

Anybody has a working link where I can download  it.?

Thanks in advance


Did you tried to reset the Sharespace?

If you mean Factory Default Restore


The firmware remain the last so the network speed is 700 Kbps…

As I said I read in other posts that the only chance to return to 10/mb sec (not more also it is declared as gigabit)

Is to come back to 2.1.92

If you have can you give me?

I see that there are ways to compile non official firmwares or the same official gpl’s

I does not found the 2.1.92 and I’ve never compiled a firmware.

I don’t want to miss something and put my wd to trash

If anybody have some working firmware, plz post a link where it can be download!