Wd sentinel dx4000 Network Adabpter are not working


Dear Team,

We are having the wd sentinel dx4000 and I came this morning and wd sentinel dx4000 is not accessible and while seeing that we came to know that the network adapters are not working. Now how we will move forward.


Muhammad Umar Rasul


Hi Muhammad, are you referring to the ports on the back of the physical device or the power adapter? You will have to either replace the unit or purchase a new power adapter.


I am asking about the Ethernet adapter. Both are not working. There is no blinking lint in Ethernet adapters. These stop working automatically today in the morning.


I had the same problem 10 days ago. Both ethernet stopped at the same time (whats the point of having 2 if they breakdown simultaneously) if you have a DX4000 setup a wireless USB adapter. Is there any way to get a replacement motherboard? My unit is pristine what do I do?


Hi everyone
I gave up with my defective DX400O with both network interfaces down simultaneously. I bought another box on ebay. I also did a separate raid recovery using reclaim me. After going through the hard reset on usb I have restored my system to the factory state.
I then wanted to have an alternative network access point for reliability.
I cannot seem to find a usb nic that works.
Has anyone managed to get any type of network interface using the usb to work.?



You mean without loading the drivers in windows? Not yet.

You could install the drivers in the one you have working then take the drives out and put them in the box with no NIC’s


That was my plan but so far have not found a device that works on the box.
tried this first :
Network Adapter,TechRise High Speed USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network
didn’t work

Just ordered
StarTech.com USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter -

supposed to be compatible



This is strange the usb interface loads up fine but os doesn’t seem to be able to connect using it. Neither does it show in the dashboard. Does it require further setup in WD TEAM configuration?


Well it will not show in the dashboard/monitor
It should how in start>NCPA.CPL>Enter


Yes it appears but when I connect to the ethernet even though it appears in the dhcp I can’t remote desktop to it?


I can finally reports that I have cracked it. The only way to be sure that your DX4000 is not susceptible to ethernet failure is to setup this USB nic while you can connect, load the drivers and make sure it works. If the sentinel onboard nic fails you are still able to access the server through the usb.

StarTech.com USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter - 10/100/1000 Network Adapter - USB to Ethernet LAN Adapter - USB to RJ45

Thanks for all your help Gramps. I would advise every DX4000 user to do this.

HOWTO: (Arch) Linux on a Sentinel DX4000 without original compatible disks
How long does resetting a DX4000 take?

Sure NOW you tell me. Both NIC’s dead, can’t get in to do anything.


When I had this problem I bought a DX4000 without drives and then installed this NIC on USB above. I opted to go back to my original system and just use USB adapter. Its working well but it doesn’t appear in the dashboard - so I put up with that.
If you can find a way to put the driver on the restore USB that should be a better and cheaper way to go.


Seems I am not first who has burned NICs on DX4000.
Adapters USB->ethernet need drivers, so you cant access system without preinstallation.
I connected to OS via USB with Android smartphone - OS used standard RNDIS.


explain what you accomplished please?


This is interesting did you manage to load driver for NIC?
Which app did you use to connect?


Windows already have driver for this technology.
Connect to the storage USB with Android smartphone with RNDIS USB functionality and use some RDP app. Use some ping tool for see ip-addresses.
I accessed to the OS and downloaded driver for “USB-Ethernet” adapter via second USB.


Still confused. I can understand perhaps RDP to the server, but how did you download the driver if the nic is not working?

This would also be handy for those folks who disabled or misconfigured a nic.

Would a chrome book do this ?


This is very important as many people have had a problem with the NICs failing. A recovery procedure is needed to fix this.


Both ethernet ports of my unit also failed today. No link, no hope. Have anyone been successful in buying a replacement unit and moving the HDDs to that one? Can the data be accessed?