DX4000 Network Disconnect

I have a DX4000 (PN WDBLGT0080KBK-41) 80 TB NAS that lost the dual Gig ports on the back of the unit. Network not available message coming up. I believe that all 4 drives are fine, but we cannot access the data on them. I am trying to either locate another used unit to see if we can simply remove the drives and get back up and running. Is this possible? Are the chassis all the same for the DX4000 or do I need to look for an identical DX4000 that I have now. Is there a current WD NAS that will allow us to use the same drives (MODEL: WD3009FYPX-09AAMB0) in a current system? If not, can we send the drives out to be read/copied so that we can restore the system. Thanks in advance. Brian Baxter

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If they were in RAID I don’t think that just moving the disks to another unit will be enough. You seem to be in an emergency, so run to a MicroCenter and get one of these, maybe you can get access back to the unit and then try the other option.

I just looked up other posts and it seems that the adapter wont work.

Can you tell me what happened that both adapters stopped working?

Came into the office Monday morning and the error message appeared (network disconnected or offline). Made sure router was working and that cables were good. We were only connected one of the two available ports on the back of the unit. Tried other port with no success. No light at either port. Opened up the unit to look for obvious damage and saw nothing abnormal. I took it to a computer repair facility yesterday

Did you try connecting it to a different port of the switch or using a crossover cable connect to your laptop?

I saw someone complaining about the same thing on Amazon:

We have had two WD Sentinel DX4000 devices and the on-board ethernet ports failed on both of them which rendered the device useless. There is no way to access the device without an ethernet port.

Here’s the manual:

On page 56, chapter “Performing a Recovery” explains how to restore your device to factory seetings without losing your data.

I believe our technician attempted or did the recovery. I believe the disks are fine. Just no way that I know of to export the data. It has 2 USB ports, but no video card to see what is happening I will check with our tech in the morning. I believe this is a know issue with this particular NAS. Thanks for all the research and help in this matter. Next to IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with WD. Was on chat hold for 2+ hours yesterday with no success

They don’t give a f… You can confirm on any post on this forum, they are just users trying to help each other, never an engineer from WD.
My next device will be a Synology.

Good Luck!

Do not try to do a recovery if you need your data. If you can find another box you can simply put the drives in it but that’s hard to find. You need to get two dual USB docks and put your drives in them and then get raid recovery software to drag and drop you data. WD does not make any kind of box that you can put your drives in and get your data. I am assuming that you have more than two drives correct?

Yes, we have 4 each 8TB drives in our unit. Would I assume that there are no new products that use the same drives that we currently have? Are the dual USB docks available somewhere? I will keep checking ebay in hopes a used unit pops up. Thanks for your time. Brian

WD no longer makes any Windows NAS. Everything is *nix so it is not compatible
a WD RX4100 may also be the same as the DX4000, but I can not swear toi t.
something like below

then you need something like this

a fellow used it a couple of weeks ago with good results ~$80

you can look back here and find his experiencs

I will order a couple off of Amazon and give it a try. Thanks Gramps

yes, I can confirm that Reclaime with (2) 2-bay USB caddies can read and copy data from the drives.


  1. buy the 2 USB caddies (~$25 ea)
  2. insert 4 drives from Sentinel into the caddies
  3. download and install the Reclaime Raid recovery (free) - that will rebuild the raid 5 array
  4. purchase Reclaime File Recovery to copy the data from the drives ($80)

It takes about 30 minutes to rebuild the array, then you launch the File recovery prog to copy files.

The above saved my butt.

I will order this as well. I will let you know how things work out next week. Appreciate all the feedback and assistance. Brian

for what it’s worth, these are the caddies I purchased:

Thanks for the information Lance. I will let everyone know how things progress on Monday. Brian