Startup Failed 0XD9 DX4000


Suddenly our WD DX4000 is giving error “Startup Failed 0XD9” in 16 TB NAS without any fluctuation etc… We have more than 8 TB data in 4 HDDs and don’t want to lose it in any case. Kindly guide me why this error is coming and what is the solution for it?

How i can verify that Data is available in all HDDs.

Waiting for prompt reply.
Osama Aftab.

I would start with a search for RAID recovery software if you do not have a backup. Something like

Then contact WD support and get the recovery ISO

Thanks Gramps for your reply…

It is backup drive and i already downloaded your mentioned software, but i am unable to connect my DX4000 with this software… If you tried this software before, please give me guidance that how can i connect my DX4000 with this software if i install this software in my laptop.

I am downloading Recovery ISO version : EMEA_SvrRecovery_01_05_14_18.iso

Waiting for your reply.

You will have to get 4 usb connectors one for each hard drive to be able too hook all 4 drives to your laptop at once.
But if the server has your backups and you have the originals somewhere else you could just skip that and not worry if you lost the data on the DX4000