DX4000 Network Error

I have a DX4000 (PN WDBLGT0080KBK-41) 80 TB NAS that lost the dual Gig ports on the back of the unit. Network not available message coming up. I believe that all 4 drives are fine, but we cannot access the data on them. I am trying to either locate another used unit to see if we can simply remove the drives and get back up and running. Is this possible? Are the chassis all the same for the DX4000 or do I need to look for an identical DX4000 that I have now. Is there a current WD NAS that will allow us to use the same drives (MODEL: WD3009FYPX-09AAMB0) in a current system? If not, can we send the drives out to be read/copied so that we can restore the system. Thanks in advance. Brian Baxter

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