WD Security - 'Application Not Found?'

I have a new My Passport Ultra. I installed WD Security and added a password to the drive. At first, everything worked fine, I would plug the drive in and click the ‘Unlocker’ that came up. No problems.

Recently though, clicking on the ‘Unlocker’ that comes up when you plug it in gives me the error ‘Application Not Found’…I have to open the folder manually and run the unlocker to put in my password. Any idea why this is happening? I tried removing and putting the password back on, reassigning the drive letter and reinstalling WD Security, but the problem keeps happening?

I have this exact same issue - I did not see any solution suggested to bsz77872’s question.
I have removed password protection and re-added it but when I click on the “Unlocker drive” I get this Application Not Found error. ONly way to unlock the drive is to manually load WD Security and enter password. Any help?

Any solutions?