Cannot open drive with correct password

I have a Passport Ultra 1TB and set up the security settings. When I open the ulock.exe it prompts for a password, I enter it and it says it is unlocked. However, the drive remains “locked.” If I click on the drive, it only opens up unlock.exe over again and it tells me that “this drive is not locked.” I can’t open it to see any of the files. The only way to open it is to take off the password entirely. Is there something wrong with the software or am I missing a step? I added a screen cap to show whats I see.


Hello lointensity, welcome to the WD Community. Once you unlock the Passport another icon for the Passport Ultra should appear. If the problem continues try to download the latest WD Security version.

Unfortunately, no other icon appears. It remains the same locked icon. Once a window did pop up showing the drive’s contents, but I could not get it to repeat after that. I have downloaded and installed the latest Security version ( and still no luck, even when enabling “auto unlock.” If I can’t get this to work, I am going to return this and look at a different brand drive. Something this simple should not be so difficult.